Predicament in a Sentence – Use Predicament in a Sentence

Use Predicament in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] dilemma; difficult situation ;

The recent housing crisis has put many homeowners into a difficult predicament.

The increase in low-income students is a predicament for public schools, because such students tend to do worse academically and are costlier to educate.

On receiving news of his predicament Dean phoned his family in Lagos to understand the dire situation.

Alex blamed himself for his predicament and said again and again that he had been “young and stupid.

They are wasteful, especially in places without abundant water supplies – and most places are going to be in this predicament of drought sooner or later.

I’m making this post about lost passports in the hopes that it helps any traveler in the future in a similar predicament.

Due to the slow but steady nature of ocean expansion, sea level rise has a tendency to be dismissed as a far-off predicament , not as an immediate threat.

During his first tenure as prime minister, Netanyahu faced a similar predicament with the Clinton administration.

If you are in this particular predicament, the following tips will prove to be useful for you.

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