Bricks and Mortar in a Sentence – Words in a Sentence

The bricks and mortar office isn’t going anywhere.

We also hear frequently of bricks and mortar book stores closing.

They are the bricks and mortar that build solid relationships.

Houses are not just bricks and mortar.

Bricks and mortar shops for general stuff are pretty much doomed.

Then you put it into bricks and mortar.

The investment is not just in bricks and mortar.

Traditional bricks and mortar remain a safe haven when times are tough.

Second, there’s the local bricks and mortar jewelry shop.

It also preserves the relationship with the bricks and mortar guys.

bricks and mortar do not determine history.

So bricks and mortar and baseball are worth more than storied newspapers.

This is generally referred to as ” bricks and mortar ” fund raising.

Then they pay salaries for staff, computers and bricks and mortar.

This is why they are renewing their love affair with bricks and mortar.

The campaign may be for bricks and mortar alone or combined with endowment.

We must get away from thinking of the Church as bricks and mortar.

The other problem that bricks and mortar michael kors zipper cuff skinny jeans store.

There is a difference when comparing ” bricks and mortar ” and online-only brands.

I like to support my bricks and mortar shops but this is getting silly.

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