Maelstrom in a Sentence – Words in a Sentence

Maelstrom; Meaning: [noun]a confusing situation, whirlpool; a violent storm in the ocean; moving in circles;

She was in a maelstrom of conflicting emotions when she divorced her husband.

The pop singer faced a maelstrom of criticism after his last album.

She had a meticulous eye for detail even with this maelstrom of noise all around her.

A pair of lovers, Maria and Mike, are pulled into the maelstrom of these tragic events.

The square outside the train station was a maelstrom of crowds, buses and shouting taxi drivers.

A famous chess plaer, Kasparov was forced to enter the maelstrom with the next several moves.

Oswald got lucky and left us floundering in the maelstrom of misfortune.

He was generous and supportive to others who were suffering in the maelstrom.

Dry and overcast, the Wastelands are a maelstrom of chaos.

All bizarre damage effects have a physical cause inside the roiling maelstrom of tornado winds.

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