Deride in a Sentence – Use Deride in a Sentence


Meaning: [verb] ridicule; make fun of; mock ;

The movie was widely derided by critics as being historically inaccurate.

The post was quickly derided across social media.

The book has been derided for its lack of suspense.

Bowie’s performance was variously lauded and derided.

His friends constantly derides Mike for being tied to his mother’s apron strings and for writing bad poetry.

Lady Elaine is derided for throwing litter around as a protest.

President Barack Obama derided them as “fat cats”.

You shouldn’t deride the students’ efforts and thus discourage them even if they cannot complete the tasks on time.

Tom frequently teases Sam for being poor, and derides Sam’s family for being on welfare.

The chairman derides urbanists as elitist.

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