Hedonism in a Sentence – Word n a Sentence

Hedonism ; Meaning: [noun] pleasure-seeking; I feel like this whole culture of feeling good too is just really kind of hedonistic.

They may have once felt seduced by hedonistic pursuits, but today they react in horror.

Epicureanism Epicurean ethics is a hedonist form of virtue ethics.

Bella, his second wife, is a free-spirited hedonist.

She arrives in Bangkok and becomes part of a hedonistic community of western expats.

Their relationship was based on hedonism and excess, rather than tenderness.

After all, Mill has just told us that he is a hedonist about happiness.

He’s a hedonist at heart.

Hedonist may accept suicide or euthanasia as a way to escape suffering.

Determinedly pursuing his career as dandy, hedonist, seducer of wealthy women, drug addict, and suicide in waiting, Rigaut produced few works in the final ten years of his life.

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