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Use Ephemeral in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]short-lived; popular or liked for a short time;

People judge their surroundings based on ephemeral impressions.

Such fashion trends are by nature ephemeral.

The report does not include book reviews or other ephemeral publications.

An ephemeral stream flows through it with occasional flash floods in the rainy winter months.

The photogenic and ephemeral nature of the location attracted national media attention.

Structures that are not persistent are called ephemeral .

The area is composed of swamps, streams and ponds, even ephemeral or temporary ponds.

We are making electronic images that are ephemeral .

These local dynasties disappeared during the ephemeral domination from Babak.

But those bumps are often ephemeral, and tend to disappear as soon as our attention is turned to the next political gaffe or media freak-out.

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