Impede in a Sentence – Words in a Sentence

[verb] to hinder, to block the way for someone or something and be a barrier or obstacle, to get in the way of;

If you’re not going to help me, at the very least please don’t impede me by getting in the way.

Her progress has been impeded somewhat by her lack of experience.

Increasingly restrictive trade regulations have impeded our expansion into foreign markets.

The runner has been impeded somewhat by a knee injury.

The investigation has been impeded by a lack of evidence.

Rescue efforts are being impeded by continued bad weather.

Large scale agriculture in the country is impeded by poor soil and inadequate rainfall.

The President believes that strict environmental laws will only impede development of the economy.

Hearing loss during childhood can seriously impede normal language development.

The climbers’ progress up the mountain has been impeded by poor weather.

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