Placid in a Sentence – Use Placid in a Sentence


Meaning: [adjective] calm; peaceful;

A white mist rising from the placid waters was evaporation.

The men just sit there, silent, placid, some of them laughing.

This morning, it was placid, its grip on me loose and languorous.

The islands’ placid seas may be a draw for tourists but the political scene has been riven by turmoil in recent times.

Witnesses described a frightening and chaotic scene on the normally placid beach.

During a recent several-hour visit by a Reuters reporter, the community seemed organized and placid.

It was a cold slap for investors who had gotten used to years of relatively placid returns from their stock funds.

CNNMoney’s Tech30 4. Markets overview: U.S. stock futures are looking relatively placid Wednesday, except for Kraft.

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