Tumult in a Sentence – Words in a Sentence


Meaning: [noun] crowded and noisy situation; uproar; noise;

The teacher could simply not be heard in the tumult created by the students.

The whole country is in tumult after the resignation of the Prime Minister.

The bay was frightened by the noise and tumult and started cring.

The Middle East is in tumult, and a wave of terrorist threats is gathering new momentum.

Millions have been separated from loved ones by the tumult and bloodshed of the three-year war that ended in 1953.

My parents and my grandparents left Rwanda as refugees after the killings and tumult that took place.

Although their owners, armed with handguns and whips, tried to stop the mass escape, their efforts were nearly useless in the tumult.

Despite the tumult, most Brazilians got behind the team as it fought its way to the title.

- Mainos -spot_img


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