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Use Renown in a sentence


Meaning: [noun ] fame;

She has international renown as a painter.

Mary has achieved some renown as a dancer.

He has won international renown for his dramas.

The early work points to the distinctive style for which the famed artist would gain renown.

It has a world-renown designer, a centuries-old textile industry, and its very own fashion school.

It’s her unique voice from behind the former Iron Curtain which has brought her such global renown.

The magnificent Adriana Chuchman, a Manitoba soprano of international renown, is singing the role of Susanna.

Guatape is a town having renown for its brightly-painted zocalos, or three-dimensional cement panels which adorn its houses.

They now see a future with locals and tourists eating together and helping to preserve a way of life that had given the city its renown in the first place.

Over the years Watkins gained as much renown for his for his work to diversify the medical profession, as he did for his premier work battling heart disease.

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